Round aluminum plate

We are one of the best manufacturers of international quality Round aluminum plate/aluminium circles which is used in various industries. These aluminium circle sheet passes through hard testing standards for best output.

General applications of Round aluminum plate

round aluminum plate also known as aluminum circle,aluminum disc, aluminium round discs or aluminum disk. it is widely used in conventional production.

round aluminum plate products can be seen everywhere in our lives, for example, the cookware we use every day, the lamp cover at home and traffic signs on roads. We can say that the application of aluminum discs products is numerous, and many industries will use it, even aerospace equipment and some sophisticated electronic instruments.

Due to vast applications of Round aluminum plate, We manufacture them by using high quality aluminum. These aluminum circles are very strong and are available in different diameters as per the requirements of the clients. We pack them in proper packages which will not cause any damage to the products during delivery. Our customers can avail these products in bulk and will not hav

The Features of Round aluminum plate:

  • Wide range of selection on Round aluminum plate' size including customized shape and size.
  • Excellent Surface Quality for lighting reflectors.
  • Excellent deep drawing and spinning quality.
  • We provide heavy guage circles with thicknesses up to 6mm thick which is ideal for cookware.
  • Anodizing Quality and Deep Drawing Quality which is suitable for cookware as well.

Range of Round aluminum plate


Haomei round aluminum plate

As a main supplier of round aluminum plate, we are manufactured from pure aluminum and are used in cookware and engineering, such as cooking wares, lighting purpose, cooker, frypan, pots, kettles, reflector of the light, etc...Deep drawing and hard anodizing quality round aluminum plate can be supplied. Our round aluminum plate is RoHS and REACH compliance and uses well-protected packing. Our aluminum circles are excellent material for producing cookware, utensil, pots, pans and kettles.
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