Printing Aluminum

Printing Aluminum Mainly used to making aluminum stock, including PS and CTP plate stock,Metal 3D printing. High precision, long press life, cleaner production, reasonable cost.

General Information of Printing Aluminum

Printing Aluminum - Metal prints on aluminum are both an art and a science. Printing plates are thin, flat sheets of metal commonly made from aluminum. They are used in printing products like business cards, catalogs, and brochures

Why Are Printing Plates Blue?So why are printing plates the color blue? Will that have any effect on my design? No, there’s no need to worry as the final product wouldn’t be blue unless it’s supposed to be. Modern printing presses use something called CTP (computer-to-plate) machines. These use laser technology to etch the designs onto the printing plates. The blue sections dictate where the ink should land as the cylinders make contact with the paper.

Application Advantages

High precision, long press life, cleaner production, reasonable cost《、》

Product Demands

Product Alloy: 1050A 1050 1060, etc.
Product Feature: high quality, simplified procedure, short labor-hour, low wastage.

Haomei Printing Aluminum

Haomei Thermal CTP Plate performance: stability, exposure time, plate-making speed; Network reduction, error less than 1%; High press run, can press 500000 impressions after baking.; operatg in the daylight room, easy to use; good ink-water balance, printing cost is low
Positive Thermal CTP Plate specially used in a variety of commercial printing and newspaper printing environment. Have clear dots, distinct, good ink-water balance, high press run and wide adaptability, etc. Whether conventional dampening or alcohol dampening, it can print out clean,clear and accurate color printings.

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